Our Story

Opera has long been recognised as a leading British manufacturer of adjustable beds and mattresses. We established SleepSmart™ to bring the health benefits of our products to all in the form of on-trend smart beds that boast the very latest comfort and smart technology to give you your best night's sleep.

Craftsmen for Generations

Our founding family has hundreds of years of combined experience across furniture, manufacturing and health industries. Descendants of the revered Georgian-era craftsman, Thomas Chippendale, perfection is our standard.

Enhancing Lives

For almost 20 years, we've been designing and producing beds and mattresses for the care sector - bringing much needed style and technology. We work with premium care residences, retirement villages, hospitality and helping people to maintain independence and good health at home.

Sleep. Health. Wellbeing.

We're passionate about quality sleep and the difference it makes to general health and wellbeing. We've seen the impact Opera beds have first hand, and how for so many people an adjustable bed transforms sleep and comfort.

Bringing the Benefits to All

It's long been our desire to bring the health and lifestyle benefits of Opera beds to all. Whether it's sitting up with proper support to read in bed, or soothe your muscles after a long day on your feet, an Opera bed will help you drift off and wake up feeling revived, refreshed and raring to go.

Introducing SleepSmart™

SleepSmart™ takes all the health and lifestyle benefits of an Opera adjustable bed and combines them with stylish design, advanced comfort features and the very latest smart technology for the ultimate sleep experience. SleepSmart™ is for the busy mum, the long-hours professionial, the night owl, the fitness junkie. SleepSmart™ is for you.

Experience your perfect bed...